Saturday, 28 November 2009

2009 report on homophobia in Greece

The Institute for Rights, Equality and Diversity in Greece has publised its annual report on homophobia in Greece. Needless to say the report in general draws a very negative picture of the Greek situation, researching showing it is probably the most homophobic country in Europe - more so than Turkey or Cyprus.

The rights of the GBLT community do not figure on the political agenda, there is no platform for the community in public life. Homosexuals are excluded from the Greek armed forces as they are termed psychiatrically "ill". There are no social rights for couples, no possibility of civil union, inheritance or social support. Indeed, even Gay Pride Athens is ignored annually by all public television and radio stations!

You  can read the full report on homophobia in Greece here. In conclusion it is no surprise the number of young sexual emigrants from the country to other European countries.

Friday, 27 November 2009

Insider fashion tip - modus vivendi underwear and swimwear

Though I do not consider this blog is a way of advertising anything, I have just discovered a Greek designer undwear brand called modus vivendi design. The designer has a shop in Thessaloniki and one in Athens as well as an online store  for modusvivendi underwear and swimwear. For quality underwear which I find pretty unique the prices are not Dolce Gabbana or Calvin Klein prices. The brand is getting a big following in Greece from the gay community and although the brand is not specifically gay, it does seem to have a certain gay appeal.  Below I have posted some samples from their website. The motto of the range is "Not just clothes - more a way of life". And the name modusvivendi means "a way of life or a lifestyle". Anyway if you want to find their stores in Thessaloniki or Athens leave a comment after this posting and I will reply with the details if anyone is interested but as I said you can also buy online. I have ordered online and the service I can only describe as excellent. I had what I ordered in a couple of days. As I said, below I have posted a few samples of their current underwear range. Let me know what you think.

So if you are into fashion, and they also have Tee shirts and what they call homewear, you can find their online store at

Thursday, 26 November 2009

Francois Sagat live in Athens - 18 December 2009

Live in Athens, Greece on 18 December 2009, French pornstar, Francois Sagat will be appearing at fcuk, Kelliou 3, in Gazi for an all night party 9:00 pm until 6 a.m. Entrance costs 15 Euro.

Born in 1979 in France to parents of Middle-Eastern origin, Francois Sagat has appeared in gay porno films for giants such as Titanmen and Raging Stallion studios. Although originally attracted by the fashion industry he eventually gay up this career to work in gay porn. His is known for his origial scalp tatooo - see below. He stated in a recent interview that a few years ago his hair was beginning to thin and he had the impression that his face was too long. To make his appearance more symmetrical he had  tatoo made to give the impression of a hairy scalp.

You can read the most recent interview with Francois Sagat on his work and life here.

Thursday, 12 November 2009

Correction - change of venue for Pet Shop Boys Concert in Thessaloniki


There has been a change of venue - possibly on account of the interest in attending the concert. The Pet Shop Boys venue is now at the PAOK (Football Club) arena in Thessalonki. Time and date remain the same.

Remember the Pet Shop Boys - Live in Thessaloniki 21 November 2009

The Pet Shop Boys are appearing at the Velidion Expo Center on Friday 21 November 2009. You can get tickets online at The band has had no less than 42 top 30 singles in the British charts since 1986.

They have come a long way since they met up by chance in a shop on the King's Road in London in 1981 and have sold over 100 million albums. In 2009 they received an award for their outstandin contribution to musics at the BRIT awars in 2009 and in March of this year have just rleased another album entitled "Yes".Neil Tennant is on vocals and keyboards and occasionally guitar while partner, Chris Lowe is on keywords. Chris also occasionally does vocals.

On November 4 Pet Shop Boys celebrated the Brazilian leg of their 2009 Pandemonium tour by releasing an album entitled Party which includes both past hits and some newer material. Party will be released in Brazil only through TV Globo´s record label. They also have an Ep due for release towards the end of the year, surprisingly enough called Christmas. Anyway, a night not to be missed in Thessaloniki.