Friday, 29 January 2010

Living and working in Greece - gay jobs?

Tired of the cold north of Europe or the endless British winter and you dream of a warm country where you can make enough to get by - a white-washed stone cottage with vines growing on the walls a few steps from a deserted beach. Perhaps something like this?


As I said just a few sandy steps from the aquamarine waters of the Mediterranean on an island where the post boat calls once a day, where you have a grocery shop, vegetables and fruit for next ot nothing and fish straight out of the sea. What else do you need ot live on? Wonderful.
Well wake up because that dream is not going to happen - at least in this life. Renting what you are looking at here would cost you more than you woudl want to know. There are no jobs and the cost of living in Greece is soaring.

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